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1 INTRODUCTION: Ix3v0LuTiioNxI on Sat May 08, 2010 12:47 am

GT- Ix3v0LuTiioNxI
Rank-LEVEL 70
V.I.P- •YES•
Website Developer-YES
J-Tag Maker-NO
About Your Self-
iAM FROM Puerto Rico

ProGamer on the site

ProdigyGamer Click Here!!

This is a very new website for modding with stickyed people who actually do 10th prestige/unlock lobby.

This lobbies included:

List of services

LOBBY infections:

11.No Bullet Spread With Slight of Hand
12.Instant Reload With Slight of Hand
13.Semi-Autos Become Fully Autos
14.Large Constantly Updated UAV
15.Laser on All Guns
16.Enemy Names Draw Though Walls
Mods That Stick
Spinning skull emblem unlock
- All challenges
- All camos & attachments
- All titles and emblems
- Colourful class names with your Gamertag


32.----Leaderboard Mods (DPAD Left)----
33.Kills 247338647
34.Deaths 0
35.Score 246438647
36.Hits 246438647
37.Misses 0
38.Playtime 10 Days
39.Wins 246438647
40.Ties 246438647
41.WinStreak 246438647
42.KillStreak 246438647

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