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Frat xHacked ii 10th Prestige / Unlock Lobby

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1 Frat xHacked ii 10th Prestige / Unlock Lobby on Tue May 11, 2010 11:00 pm


GT: Frat xHacked ii

Cost: $20 per person , $10 Infections


10th Prestigers:
All Challenges
All Emblems
All Titles
All Camo's
All Guns Unlocked
All Attachments Unlocked
Coloured Class Names
Leaderboards (Add many Kills/Wins/Score)
Instant Level 70 (At the press of a button)
Vision Mods (Different Screen Colours)
Model Change Mods (Go around as different things, e.g Sentry Gun, Harrier, etc)
Unlimited Ammo (Never Have to Reload)

Severside:(Do not stick when you go online)
Friction Mod (Skate Around)
Low Gravity
High Jump
No Fall Damage
Fast Sprint

Laser Sight (Laser comes out of the end of your gun)
FPS Counter (Tells you your FPS rate)
Bigger Compass
Burst Fire Mods (No Gun Cool Down, Auto M16/Famas)
Instant Reload (Hold [X] and Shoot for something special)
Perfect Accuracy (Crosshair goes to an + for Perfect hip fire accuracy)
Constant UAV (Always have red dots where people are on the compass)
Instant Compass Update Time (Compass updates every 0.001 seconds)
See Enemy Names Through Walls
Always Host (You may need to invite people into the game when searching)
Claymore and C4 Mod (Lets you plant up to 999 claymores and C4's instead of only 2)
Other team can hear you (Spook them out!)
Long Distance Knifing
Instant Nuke Incalling (No Nuke countdown)
2 Types of Wallhack (Red box over en enemies and (NEW) See through Walls!)


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